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Let’s Talk About . . . New Things

So, I’m starting a new series here on Let’s Talk. I’m going to be delving into the world of philosophy, life, and what it all means, Basil. Here’s the video intro, and I hope to have some fun with this, and maybe together, we’ll learn something.

Let’s Talk About . . . Gay Marriage

Dun dun dun. Just to begin, I expect there will be a handful of my acquaintances and friends from through the years who will read this, become disgusted or aggravated, and proceed to continue not speaking to me, but that’s okay. I invite you to leave your dogma at the door, as I’ve just mopped [...]

Let’s Talk About . . . Cowardice and Motorcycles

I am a worrier, a pessimist, and a worst-case scenario kind of person. As a result, I live in a nearly constant state of fear about what might happen, and I make discussions accordingly. Anxiety and self-doubt keep me from doing a number of things I’d really like to do, but I’m worried about what [...]

Let’s Talk About . . . Google Glass

So, if you don’t know what Google Glass is, check out this NYT article. If you’re too lazy for that, maybe watch this video: Now, please don’t misunderstand me. I fully realize the video is a dramatization, and a window into what this technology will one day become (hopefully). That said, I am as giddy [...]