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Let’s Talk About . . . Gay Marriage

Dun dun dun. Just to begin, I expect there will be a handful of my acquaintances and friends from through the years who will read this, become disgusted or aggravated, and proceed to continue not speaking to me, but that’s okay. I invite you to leave your dogma at the door, as I’ve just mopped [...]

Let’s Talk About . . . More Privacy Problems

I use my name in my URL. I use my name as the author of these posts. I am not afraid of being found on the internet, nor should anyone who uses Facebook, twitter, etc. Especially if you have ever (even accidentally) left the GPS information in a picture you posted, or a tweet you [...]

Let’s Talk More About SOPA

I’ve posted about SOPA and PIPA before. It’s a pretty big deal, mostly due to the rather wide berth it gives rights-holders in censoring and redefining the flow of information on the web. This needs to be stopped, and the only way we can do that is by letting our elected representatives understand where we [...]

Let’s Talk About . . . SOPA

Image from Joystiq SOPA, or the Stop Online Piracy Act and its sister bill PIPA, or the Protect Intellectual Property Act, are two of the latest in the corporate war on piracy. At least ostensibly. Point of fact, the wording of the laws are so incredibly invasive, their constitutionality should really called into question by [...]