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Let’s Talk About . . . Google Glass

So, if you don’t know what Google Glass is, check out this NYT article. If you’re too lazy for that, maybe watch this video: Now, please don’t misunderstand me. I fully realize the video is a dramatization, and a window into what this technology will one day become (hopefully). That said, I am as giddy [...]

Let’s Talk About . . . Customer Service

I’m not one to shill. In fact, I have never been paid to show off any piece of media, software, company, etc. That’s not to say I haven’t ever sold anything — I have, but not here. This is my space, and you will never see ads here. Because they’re annoying, and they make you [...]

Let’s Talk About . . . Depression

Things have gotten pretty political around here lately, and I know that doesn’t interest everyone, so we’ll put that on hold for a while for your sake, and frankly, for mine. I just can’t take it for too long. I just find myself getting worked up over it all, and I need to take a [...]

Let’s Talk About . . . More Privacy Problems

I use my name in my URL. I use my name as the author of these posts. I am not afraid of being found on the internet, nor should anyone who uses Facebook, twitter, etc. Especially if you have ever (even accidentally) left the GPS information in a picture you posted, or a tweet you [...]